Career Stage: Aspirations for promotion

"Cathy has really helped me realise my goal of becoming a Marketing Director and over the past 18 months has provided really valuable coaching/ advice. She enables you to carve out a clear path and strategy for where you want to go, so you can personally achieve your goals and your full potential. It's been a very inspiring and fulfilling journey".

Katie White, Marketing Director



Career Stage: Relocation/career direction

"Cathy has been my mentor through the Women in Property mentoring programme for several years now. She is patient, supportive, insightful and an inspiration to me and many others. In particular her support and encouragement through some recent difficult career choices has been invaluable. She has helped me to reflect and understand myself and my aspirations and when my confidence ebbs she is there
to remind me that my abilities are extensive and that there are no barriers or limitations to what can be achieved through dedication, hard work, and staying self-motivated".


Gillian, Building Surveyor



Career Stage: pre partner/partner.

"Being coached by Cathy has helped me develop more awareness of my capabilities, better communication skills and greater confidence.

By encouraging me and continuously challenging me, Cathy has helped me greatly in understanding my aspirations more clearly, as well as devising a strategy to achieve my goals. She has provided invaluable advice and support for my career development.

From a personal point of view, she is an extremely kind, positive and inspiring woman, whom I looked forward to seeing and share my thoughts with at every session."


Partner, Chartered Surveyors



Career Stage: career crossroads

"I worked with Cathy over the course of several months, as I was assessing career options at my current employer. Cathy helped me think about the things I really wanted and how I could achieve them. She got to know me well enough to ask exactly the right questions at the right time and ultimately helped me take back control of a situation where I felt I was in the back seat."


Anthony, Head of Department, Technology

Career Stage: move to new company

"I have been looking through my notes today about what we have covered and where our coaching sessions have taken me over the last 10 months or so, from “peeling one potato at a time”  and doing the brain dump on a page, to the “strategic helicopter” to the “corporate cuddle” we discussed today!  It is amazing how far you realise you have come when you look back and take notice and I thank you for your time and patience in the many discussions we have had over a couple of tricky issues I have had, that you have helped me have the confidence and the words to be able to deal with.  I have realised how many assumptions I make and how that affects how I feel and you have helped me to boost my confidence and realise that I can do this and actually I am!!

Thanks again and I look forward to our paths crossing again in the future at some point"


Tracy, Finance and Commercial Director, Not-for-profit organisation


Career Stage: newly appointed Manager

"Cathy has shown me techniques which assist me when I am nervous.  She has worked to build confidence in myself. She plants the seed in my mind and lets me develop solutions to problems taking me toward a new way of thinking.  She challenges me on a monthly basis to step out of my comfort zone and tackle those things that terrify me – and I find myself not only doing this but also looking forward to the challenge.  In the short time I have been having coaching I now find myself doing things and tackling problems I would once have shied away from. 

Coaching has to date given me so much more; I look at things through different eyes now.  When I attend one of my meetings with Cathy I come out of it feeling like I can take on the world, she has the ability to make you believe in yourself. I can say with 100% conviction that I am definitely more positive and more confident than I ever was for having had the opportunity to undertake this coaching with Cathy."


Tina, Quality, Assurance Manager, Port Operator


"Cathy has been an amazing coach for me and I predict she is going to be a great coach for so many others. She is such a positively shining person whom happiness and energy reflect on you and make you believe that you, and things, can change. And things changed for me. She has been able to make me feel comfortable and understood from the very start, she has been a great listener, showed the right empathy and I really felt like I could talk freely and address anything I needed to. I felt in total confidence with her and felt very inspired by herself and her own achievements. She got the points very quickly and came up with the right words to either give me tools or drive me to build things slowly. I really feel like something has been switched on inside me, which allows me to try and reach more potential. I feel much more positive and confident. Cathy is very soothing, motivating, inspiring, very clever and skilled and I would without a doubt come back to her again."


Helena, PhD, Science Researcher